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Welcome to Talun ECO Products

We are based in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada, a beautiful city to live in.

In this constantly shifting world, we are trying to find equilibrium for environment, productivity, and cost. We specialized in fertilizers derived from seaweed and Non-GMO soybean, and our organic series of fertilizers are approved for organic agriculture by several world class organic certification bodies according to EU, NOP, and Canadian organic standards (COS): :CERES, Ecocert, Institute for Marketecology, Pro-Cert, and OMRI. Our Certified Kelp Extract Powder is registered with Canadian Food Inspection Agency with registration number: 2016001D.

We are like most of you, we want ourselves and our next generations to live in a gentler and cleaner world. Our simple mean to achieve this goal is to make high quality products accessible and affordable to you. This world belong to all of us, in our opinion, every effort to reduce usage of chemical fertilizer is a step forward.

Every day we put our effort to make our world a little better for ourselves and all that surround us.