Root Promoter

Product character: Dark brown liquid, pH= 6-8, specific gravity: 1.15-1.20

Main ingredient: Seaweed extract: 200 g/L, organic matter: 50 g/L, N: 60 g/L, P205: 25 g/L, K20: 60 g/L, micro-element: 5 g/L.

Efficacy: Promote crop's root system growth, inhibit deleterious bacilli in soil, increase crop root system's resistance to disease, boost up conservation ability of soil, increase seed's rate of germinate, degrade pesticide residue.

Applied crops: Cotton, rice, corn, wheat, vegetable, watermelon, melon, fruit trees.

Method of application:

1. For soybean, cotton, corn, wheat etc. Dilute 500-800 times and irrigate root once. At seedling stage dilute 800-900 times and apply once by spraying.

2. For rice, dilute 500-800 times, 3-4 days prior to transplant irrigate root one time. Dip root during transplant.

3. For fruit trees, dilute 500-800 times and irrigate with base fertilizer during spring and autumn. Dip root during transplant.


1. Stir equally and completely before usage.
2. Good effect can be received if used in the morning or in the evening.
3. Avoid rainy day application.
4. May be used with weak acidic or basic pesticide.

Packing: 200 Liters/drum or required by customers. Self Life: Two years.

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