Application in Fruit and Roses

Application in Fruit and Roses

From the desk of Rene Schmitz, palatine Fruit & Roses


–Nine years ago we were presented with the opportunity to add  Kelp extract to our fertility program both in rose nursery culture and tender fruit farming.

After looking at several products on offer we decided to try the Talun product, partially also because of a very competitive price structure. We tested their kelp in various ways and methods.

  1. Adding kelp to our soil drenches in potted garden roses.
  2. Foliar applications in tender fruit orchards (apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums apples and table grapes).

3.Orchard floor application by spraying the soil directly under the trees.

  1. Stress relieving summer drenches in an experimental permaculture peach orchard.


Our operation contains 60 acres of intensively managed orchard fruit, outdoor cut roses for the florist industry and garden rose production for landscape professionals, garden centers and many private individuals across North America. The above product is a valuable and easy to work tool in our fertility toolbox and we can whole heartily recommend it to farmers and gardeners everywhere.


Rene Schmitz