Application Recommendation and Literature

Kelp/Seaweed Extract Powder Recommended Foliar Application.

Here is the test report and approval of chitosan by US EPA for use in agriculture & horticulture.

Field tests report.

The Royal Horticultural Society opinion on seaweed as organic fertilizer.

Nutrient Functions and Deficiency Symptoms.

Biopesticide Registration Action Document of Laminarin from seaweed by US EPA.

Recommended Foliar Application (Download a copy)
Apply 1-1.5Kg/ha or 300-500g/Acre.
Vegetables Timing General Application
Eggplants, Pepper, Melon, and Squash. Spray at six-leaf stage → Early bloom → First fruit set → Four weeks later (optional).
Bean and Peas Six-leaf stage → First bloom → First pods. Every 2 weeks and after each picking.
Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower Six true leaf stage → 3 weeks later → Head initiation.
Cucurbits and Cucumbers Six-leaf stage → Just prior to bloom → early fruiting. Every 3-4 weeks and after each picking.
Onions, Carrots, Chicory, Leeks, & Turnips 2 to3 weeks after emergence/5-leaf stage → Root enlargement. Every 2-3 weeks.
Potatoes Six-leaf stage → When tuber approx. pea size → Beginning of bloom → Bulking up.
Tomato Six-leaf stage → pre-bloom → At fruit set → 2-3 weeks later. Every 2-3 weeks and after each picking.
Apply 1-1.5Kg/ha or 300-500g/Acre
Fruits Timing General Application
Grapes 20~30cm cane → 45~60cm cane → Full blooming → repeat every 2-3 weeks.
Apples/Pears Green tip → Pre-bloom → pink bud → Full blooming → Early fruit formation. Every 3 weeks.
Citrus Early bloom → Petal fall. Every 3 weeks.
Bananas Plant emergence → 5-10 days later → Fruit at half size. Every 3weeks.
Strawberry & other berries Right after transplant → Before bloom. Every 3 weeks and after each picking.
Plums & Cherries At budding → Full bloom → Early Fruit Formation. Every 3 weeks.
Flowers and Grass
Plant Dilution Timing
Roses 1:3000 Every month and after each pruning or cutting.
1:1000 At the beginning of the growing season. Soak the soil with 200-300ml 3 times per week; subsequently, once a month
Lupins 1:3000 Spray once after 3-6 weeks of emergence.
Other flowering and Ornamental plants 1:1000 After transplanting, soak the soil around the seedling with ∼ 100ml.
1:5000 Spray every 2 weeks.
Turf and Golf Courses (600-800g/ha) 1:5000 Once or twice per month. More effective to apply often at a lower concentration.
Fairways (300-400g/ha)
Pasture (1Kg/ha) Spray during early growth after emergence, grazing or cutting.
Hay/Meadow (1-1.5Kg/ha) Spray 2 weeks after emergence or when the hay is ∼ 6-8” tall; repeat 2 to 3 times with 3-4 week intervals.
Fungi Dilution Timing
Mushroom 1:3000 size of mushroom head is 1-1.5 cm →size of mushroom head is 3 cm

Compost enrichment and degradation
The degradation rate and quality of compost can be improved by addition of diluted kelp extract. For example, add 500g to 2 Kg of kelp powder to make 100L of compost. To make sure even distribution of kelp extract on the compost. One should dilute the kelp powder with water at 200-300 times, and then sprinkle the liquid to the compost.