Organic Certification, Standards, and Analytical Reports

World class organic certification bodies that approved our fertilizers for organic inputs according to EU organic standards (EC 834/2007 & 889/2008) ,NOP and Canadian Organic Standards. include: Institute for Marketecology (IMO), CERES, Ecocert, and OMRI.

Canadian Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards.

Canadian Organic Production Systems Permitted Substances Lists.

Kelp Extract Powder derived from Laminaria japonica (CFIA registration 2016001D): Ecocert 2017, OMRI 2016.

Seaweed Extract Powder 1-3-18 derived from Ascophyllum nodosum (CFIA registration 2018083D).

Soybean Extract — SoyAmino AA80 NPK:14-0-0 (CFIA registration 2018025A):

  1. Pro-Cert 2017-2018.
  2. NPK content SGS Canada analysis 2017.
  3. Metals and Microbiology SGS Canada analysis 2017.

Liquid Soybean Extract — SoyAmino LAA50 NPK:8-0-0 (CFIA registration 2019132A): Pro-Cert 2017-2018.

Kelp Granular Fertilizer 12-6-12 (CFIA registration 2019151A).

Kelp Granular 2-1-2: Pro-Cert 2017-2018.

Kelp Granular 2-5-2: Pro-Cert 2017-2018.


  1. Field Grade: OMRI 2017.
  2. Feed Grade: OMRI 2017.
  3. Granulated: OMRI 2017.
  4. Microrized: OMRI 2017.

Laboratory Analysis Reports:

Certified Kelp Extract Powder Certificate of Analysis.

SGS Canada Report.

Micro Biology Report 2017.

Micro Biology Report 2016.

Micro Biology Report 2015.


We conduct random sample analysis on every batch of product we received. The result published here is not an endorsement of our products by the testing agency.