Organic Kelp Granular Fertilizer (ASG)

These products are approved for use in organic farming by Pro-Cert and CERES.Organic Kelp Granular Fertilizer picture.

Presently, we are offering two varieties: ASG212 and ASG252 with NPK value of 2-1-2 ans 2-5-2, respectively.

Organic Kelp Granular Fertilizer is derived from natural fermentation process of the cold water brown seaweed — Ascophyllum nodosum, and it has the following nutritional profile:

Item tested Content (%)
Polysaccharide >=25
Alginic acid >=4
Seaweed organic calcium >=10
Total Nitrogen >=2
P2O5 1-5
Soluble potash K2O >=2
Organic matter >=45
Microelements >=0.5
Appearance Dark brown/black granular
pH 7.5-8.5

It is an effective input to increase & renew organic matter in soil, promote soil microorganisms growth, improve soil structure formation, increase water holding capacity, and improve aeration condition.

Method of application: Apply to the root, furrow or hole. Dosage: 600-900 kg/ha as base fertilizer; 300-450 kg/ha as top dressing.
Packing: 20 kgs/Bag, 40kg/bag, 1 ton tote or required by customers

If you are interested in volume purchase please e-mail us.

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