Liquid Organic Phosphorus

AmPhorus or Am4rus is rich in organic phosphorus extracted from plants. It can be used to correct phosphorus deficiency alone or used as an ingredient for customized formulation.

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Specification derived from average of 6 samples
Item Value Am4rus 10L
Total nitrogen 2%
Available Phosphoric Acid 12%
Organic matter 20%
Amino acid 10%
pH 5-7
Relative Density 1.16g/ml
Application recommendation:
Drip irrigation: Dilute 1:800 or 1tsp/4L. or sufficient water for coverage.
Foliar Application: Dilute 1:1000 or 1tsp/5L.
Hydroponic/Aquaponic : 1ml/5L water
Plant Application rate (ml/10m2) Frequency
Vegetable, Fruit, & Berries 10 or 2tsp Every 15 days
Beans & Pea 10
Herbs 8 (~1.5tsp)
Flowers & Grass 8 Every 21 days and after cutting.

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